Inquiry about visitor medical insurance Currently, travelers from certain countries need to provide proof of coverage in order to be eligible for a visitor visa, and while traveling or only staying in their home country, the health insurance plan also provides medical evacuation and repatriation benefits for tourists as part of the benefits covered, so I invite you to learn more through the Ziada website 

You can inquire about the validity of medical insurance from here: Inquiry about the validity of medical insurance through the Absher website and how to use it

Visitor health insurance

It is a form of temporary travel for tourists to any country in order to obtain protection from accidental injury or illness while in the host country.

It provides relatives or parents visiting the USA or travel protection when visiting any country for any business or individual reason.

This type is purchased for tourists in the private sector as a short-term health plan that provides medical services abroad and inquire about medical insurance for the visitor and is used only while traveling or staying abroad.

The program also provides medical evacuation and repatriation benefits to tourists as part of the included benefits.

Currently, travelers from certain countries visiting European Schengen countries, UAE, etc. are required to provide proof to qualify for a tourist visa.

In general, visitors do not qualify as citizens and permanent residents.

In the new government-run medical market, only temporary visitors can get it.

After two years, an exchange visitor may be eligible for the plan under the Sponsorship Act.

?What is limited or scheduled insurance

It's called basic guest insurance, and it's generally cheap and expenses are paid according to a pre-scheduled benefit schedule.

It can be viewed and is available in your owner's manual and can be reviewed before purchasing the policy.

Comprehensive insurance costs

A percentage is paid for each eligible expense.

It usually offers more benefits than basic insurance.

It also covers sudden symptoms of a pre-existing condition.

You can view the steps for linking insurance from here: Inquiry about linking insurance to steps and inquire about the validity of medical insurance

Insurance and the emergence of many sudden symptoms

Most companies do not provide coverage for pre-existing illnesses, but many companies provide emergency coverage.

Age and other exclusions apply and there may be some exceptions for unexpected bids.

For most companies, the patient must submit an application within 12 or 24 hours.

After the onset of the initial symptoms to consider the recurrence of severe or previous symptoms.

Visitor insurance program

Visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have the opportunity to purchase a plan from the visitors of the Tawuniya Company and to inquire about medical insurance for the visitor in order to obtain medical care in case of emergency or accidents. The plan is provided by the most famous and best medical centers without any medical expenses.

Which stipulates that all applicants must obtain an entry visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for visit, extension or transit purposes, and their companions.

A valid certificate from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be submitted to cover emergencies and emergency medical evacuations.

The plan is part of the process of obtaining a visitor visa, and the insurance coverage does not take effect until the insured enters Saudi territory.

In order to get the small insurance premium paid in the policy for the visit visa, he will get excellent medical care in case of medical emergencies in Saudi Arabia.

Tawuniya has coordinated with many hospitals and medical centers to receive emergency cases through the direct restriction system. The visitor does not need to pay any amount to cover the plan.

In this case it should be noted that it only applies to emergencies, traffic injuries and medical evacuations, so visitors should ensure that they are not assigned to treat and detect any previous illnesses.

You can inquire about the worker's medical insurance from here: Inquiry about the worker's medical insurance and its validity

Beneficiaries of the Visitor Insurance Program

It will benefit all visa applicants to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their companions for the purposes of visit, extension or transit.

Where a valid certificate must be submitted in the Kingdom in case of emergency due to a medical evacuation.

The beneficiaries of the program are pilgrims, supporters, diplomatic and special passports, corporate visitors, international organizations, diplomatic reciprocity, and local guests.

Extension of the visitor insurance policy

Visitors of policy holders in Saudi Arabia can easily extend the policy period through the Tawuniya online store.

It should be noted that all policies and conditions of the program will be applied to visitors when inquiring about a visitor's medical insurance and expanding the policy.

Extended insurance coverage starts from the effective policy expiry date.

Medical insurance for family visit, health insurance for visitors and document validity

This is done through the website of the Health Insurance Council, which oversees the system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

It also supervises the companies that provide services that provide health services to relatives residing in Saudi Arabia, including inquiries about medical insurance for visitors

But the premise is that kinship is the top priority for parents and children

It is very important to ask about the validity of the visitor, because the renewal or extension of the visitor's visa is related to the validity of the document

If the validity is the main condition for extending the visit visa, and no one can extend or renew the family visit visa except after presenting a valid health insurance document

So we use this content to show you the price of health insurance for a family visitor visa and how to check the validity of visitor medical insurance.

You can find out the prices of medical insurance for individuals here: Medical insurance prices for cooperative individuals and conditions for obtaining it

Inquiry about health insurance for family visit visa

One of the topics of transfers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because participating in it in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a way to receive examinations and treatments in emergency situations

Or during surgery, childbirth, traffic accidents and other accidents that require hospitalization for treatment

It is also important to use the identification number to verify the medical insurance for foreigners, because a visitor's visa or residence permit can only be renewed after the visitor's health insurance is confirmed

By entering the website of the Cooperative Medical Insurance Committee, you can check the validity of the medical insurance policy visited by the family and follow the steps

Enter the link on the Health Insurance Authority website

Enter the passport number.

Type the verification code displayed on the screen

Click the OK icon at the bottom of the page

The visitor's health insurance policy information appears on the screen

Bupa Arabia insurance benefits

It may not be the cheapest home medical insurance for residents, but it is still the best medical insurance company for family trips in Saudi Arabia

You can get medical insurance at the hospital

It can also save the tourists the cost of staying in the facilities during the treatment

This option may not be available in many health insurance companies in Saudi Arabia

The insurance policy covers the cost of physical therapy

The card also provides the full cost of providing a doctor to the insured person in the family visit insurance by the company approved doctor

The insurance card provided by the company provides an ambulance for emergency transport

Providing the cost of emergency medical evacuation for cooperative insurance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the cost of transporting the body of the deceased from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to his country

Do you want to inquire about health insurance for expatriates, click here: Inquiry about health insurance for expatriates through the Health Insurance Council and Absher

The resident's equivalent insurance policy includes all members of their first degree family and their children

The insurance covers the treatment of premature babies

Covering newborns from day one

The insurance policy covers the cost of vaccinating children and their immunization according to the schedule of the Saudi Ministry of Health

When purchasing medical insurance from the Arab Health Insurance Company, the insurance card covers all vaccinations

The seasonality specified in the schedule of the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the wives of residents and their newborns

Bupa insurance classes for residents

There are many classes of insurance, including the Green Class for Residents that we are talking about today

When purchasing visitor insurance Inquiry about visitor medical insurance, you will bring the company's green insurance policy

There are other categories such as Aramco Bupa or Aramco Family, a program designed for Aramco workers and retirees

There is also medical insurance for individuals in Saudi Arabia, also known as a family plan in Saudi Arabia, which is divided into the following categories.

\Another type of employment is domestic labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and each program has special benefits and conditions

In addition to corporate and other plans, there are other categories, such as international sponsorship plans

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